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Ancient History

Like many beginning farmers today, neither Erika nor Scott come from a farming background.  Erika grew up just outside of Washington DC immersed in politics and policy.  After bouncing around the country, she went home to DC and began working at a non-profit advocating around nutrition issues and litigation surrounding honesty in food labeling, hoping to create change.


On the weekends, Erika volunteered at a farmer's market and began to see an entirely different way of living and interacting with the world that was far from politics.  She observed a way of living that was rooted in the values and undeniable truths of the earth. Frustrated by policies in what she perceived as a broken system and inspired by the lives and values she experienced at the farmers market, Erika decided to leave DC and turn to live as a farmer.  This time, hoping to create change from the ground up.

While Erika moved around from place to place like a bee in a flower field, Scott was growing strong and steady as a redwood tree in the salt of the earth Wisconsin (learning all kinds of skills that would come in handy on the farm).  In his early twenties, Scott moved to Seattle where he worked as a network engineer and spent his weekends' snowboarding.  


Enter Erika, who was passing through Seattle for a few months on her way to a Rogue Farm Corp internship in Oregon. They fell in love on the mountain, but due to circumstance, had to test the age-old wisdom “if you love something set it free” and sure enough in 2016, the stars aligned, and it was meant to be.  

Recent History

Erika and Scott moved to Aptos (a.k.a. paradise) in the spring of 2016. They broke ground while keeping their day jobs and started selling vegetables through a small C.S.A. (Community Supported Agriculture) and on the weekends out of the back of Chewy, their trusted brown pick-up truck.  


A broken foot in 2019 put the farm dream on hold for a bit, but like most things in life, it was a blessing in disguise. The break (no pun intended) allowed them to rest and recenter and move us more in the direction of creating a space where we can grow more than just food.  Erika and Scott are looking forward to planting their seeds this spring with renewed vision and purpose as our community emerges from this COVID crisis together. 


Terra Prana


The Name

The land’s name, Terra Prana, stems from the Latin word “terra” meaning “earth” and the Sanskrit word “prana” meaning "breath and life-energy."  Prana refers to the principle of vitality, the constant cosmic energy that flows throughout the universe, the earth, and within us.  Terra Prana is a beautiful, sacred space where we are honored to be able to cultivate nourishment for the body, mind, and soul.


The Farm

Terra Prana is a homestead and tiny farm growing flowers and vegetables using organic practices. We are tucked away on a sunny 5-acre plot of land in the Santa Cruz foothills, nestled next to the majestic Forest of Nisene Marks State Park.  We are just 5 miles from the beautiful, historic Seacliff State Beach and iconic sunken SS Palo Alto ship.


The Vision

Our vision is to grow Terra Prana from a tiny farm into a healing sanctuary for the mind, body, and soul. We are creating a space that grows energy for our bodies, flowers for our hearts, and connection to our prana, the ever-flowing cosmic energy that lives within us and connects us to nature, the earth, and one another. Terra Prana is a place to cultivate our inner world by experiencing the magic of the outside one.


Meet the Farmers!

Meet the farmers

Meet the Terra Prana Team!


Sierra has been a part of the Terra Prana tribe since 2017. She has been an integral part of Terra Prana’s growth from seed to harvest. She seeds, weeds, is a kitten-caretaker and rescuer of slugs and salamanders. Her hard work and spirit are a happy heart-beat for our farm.


Kristen is friend, teacher, artist, garden-whisperer and part of the Terra Prana soul since 2017. She is a renaissance woman with a kind and gentle spirit, and endless well of knowledge and inspiration. Kristen brings her experience, kindness, gentle touch, and love of all things nature - plants, trees, rocks, children and kittens.


The creative force behind this beautiful website and all things social media and online, Sam’s skills and guidance give Terra Prana the technical trellising we need to grow and share our special space with our community.


Resident Kitten

Bubbles is the mighty huntress, helping to keep the plants safe from greedy gophers. She is faster than a speeding bullet, loves to bounce and pounce, and get belly rubs in the sunshine. Bubbles is not afraid to use her voice to speak up about what she wants (especially food or a non-open door) but we encourage everyone to use their voice around here.  

Lil scout scout .jpg

Resident Kitten

Scout loves to explore and play with her squirrel and deer friends.  She is always in search of a lap to cuddle, tree to climb or neglected butter dish to lick. Her sweet spirit is one of the four chambers of the Terra Prana heart.


Resident Kitten

Tiny little Olive is always very busy and needs to be involved in everything that is happening on the farm. There are holes to check, tractors to ride, and butterflies to chase. Olive has to make sure us farmers are doing the project right. Her curious, mischievous, and adventurous little kitten spirit lights the days at Terra Prana.

Jon Snow, Mr Jon Snow, the Snow Bear.jpg
Jon Snow

Resident Kitten

Mr. Jon Snow is noble, loyal, and calm. He is always available for pets, hugs and good naps. Jon Snow enjoys challenging the gophers to a dance off and displaying his awesome matrix moves in the air when playing with his sisters.

Meet the Team

How We Farm

We farm using sustainable, organic practices. Really, I like to say it’s more like the cross-your-fingers method since we really don’t use anything unless we absolutely have to. We prefer to grow our vegetables by building and supporting the ecosystem in our soil and the habitats surrounding the farm. 


We take our stewardship of the land seriously and try to make decisions about our farming, water and land use with an eye to the future of the earth and future generations. When we moved to Aptos, we enlisted the help and guidance of organizations like the Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)  and rainwater experts like Golden Love of Love’s Gardens to help us create conservation plans and sustainable infrastructure on the farm.  Rainwater catchment allows us to use water we harvest from the sky to irrigate our crops before we rely on water from the aquifers.  We have installed solar panels so that we can rely on renewable energy to run the farm’s operation.  Every year we learn more and strive to see how we can move towards living more in harmony with the land and ecosystem around us.  We are in the process of transitioning to No-Till practices and hope to move closer towards our visions of permaculture and biodynamic practices each year.

How We Sell


We sell flowers to directly to local florists.  As we emerge from COVID this summer, we will open up public and private You-Pick events.  We also work directly with brides who wish to have a You-Pick flower experience.  You can find us at the Corralitos Farm & Garden Market on Sundays from 11 am to 3 pm!

Vegetables (Covid Pending)

We sell vegetables to the community from our farm July – November. 

Farm Days (Covid Pending)

Terra Prana will host several Farm Days throughout the growing season where we welcome everyone to come to the farm and play and see what we are up to!  Stock up vegetables and come enjoy your neighbors and the beautiful ecosystem here!

Events, Elopements, and Hip Camp

Email or fill out our contact form below!

How We Sell
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